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     Addiction Recovery Services

  • Chemical Addiction

  • Gambling Addiction

  • Hoarding Addiction

  • Internet Addiction

  • Sex Addiction

  • Shopping Addiction

  • Workaholic

  • Alcoholism

Addiction Services include both chemical and behavioral addictions. Addictions present themselves in numerous ways and lead to serious impacts on individuals and their families. The dual-focused program encompasses a total of twelve (12) areas of addiction.

The first line of service in the program is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the addiction. More specialized evaluations are performed for individuals seeking to regain driver's license privileges through a state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) or those referred by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T) or Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A).

Once addiction recovery begins, We Are Hope Recovery Solutions specializes in treating not only the individual who is diagnosed with the addiction, but also the family members. Through individual, group and family therapy, information about the addiction course and prognosis is provided. Clients are assisted in the identification of trigger and pattern of use, followed by the development of alternative behaviors, coping skills and a relapse prevention plan. A referral to a 12 step-based self-help group is strongly encouraged for all clients unless contraindicated. Each client is assisted in the established of a healthy support system to maintain the goal of abstinence from their addiction.

If the client has both an addiction problem and another mental health problem, the primary presenting problem (i.e. use of a mood-altering substances) is addressed first. Mental health issues become the secondary problem to be addressed once the addiction is managed, unless the behavioral addiction has manifested itself due to a mental health diagnosis. The expected minimal service outcome is that the client receives information, treatment and support to maintain abstinence, possess the skills to implement a relapse prevention plan, and to maximize his/her Human Resources.

We Are Hope Recovery Solutions offers addiction treatment in the form of our three days per week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP); five days per week Day Treatment Program; weekly day and evening Group Therapy, as well as scheduled Individual Therapy with those Clinicians who specialize in this form of treatment for both adolescents and adults.

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