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We Are H.O.P.E is here to help address any concerns that you may be having. It is our pleasure to serve and assist you in sorting out some of the most intimate details in your life. Make an appointment today we are here for you. H.O.P.E is a trusted source, everything is confidential. Call today or hit the link below to schedule an appointment.

Rabecca Fisher, LSW

My name is Rebecca Fisher and I am a licensed social worker. I graduated from UNLV last year and have been with We Are HOPE ever since. I work with both children and adults and treat all sorts of issues, such as bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and depressive disorders. I also have experience treating ADHD, trauma disorders and oppositional defiant disorder. I take a very client-centered approach and tailor my treatment to each individual client; no two people are alike, no matter what disorders they may have. 

I believe in empowering people and helping them become their best selves. I became a social worker to make an impact in other peoples' lives and I feel like this is thee best place to do this. It is very rewarding for me to see people come in with very little hope and see them start to thrive; there is no bigger success than that!


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